What’s Coming from tijo

In Apps on December 10, 2009 at 4:29 pm

As of today with the release of Motivational 1.2.1 we’re all up-to-date with tijo Apps, no updates are pending but I’ve been working on some internally for a few weeks now. The updates I am working on are on two Apps specifically, and if they’re successful I’ll apply the new things I’ve added to the rest of the MEMEcore Apps.

Advice Dogr 1.6

I’ve added Rich Raven, which is really a minor addition. In 1.5 I had to remove Youth Mentor Bear because of Apple’s policy, but it really shouldn’t have even made it in to 1.0. The big addition to 1.6 is the tijo Meme Store for Advice Dogr, where you can enter and buy packs of Memes via Apple’s StoreKit.

As you can see, the main menu is now divided into the memes that you’ve made, and ones you’ve downloaded. Any you download will show up in the main menu, and you can view and share them but they’re not editable.

There will be 10 packs at release, each priced at $0.99 making us very competitive with some other Advice Dog Apps out there.

Sudoku Helper 2.0

Sudoku Helper remains my favorite App internally, with all the bells and whistles of my latest developments and (eek!) actual utility to consumers. Despite this, sales are only good (very good) when I leave the App free. The major additions in 2.0 are direct access to the @tijosudoku, where users can access Sudokus posted daily by tijo as well by other users of the App, and the addition of the Sudoku Store where users will be able to download packs of Sudoku Puzzles via Apple’s StoreKit. I’ve also added URL Shortening, duplicate detection and overwriting, and saved Sudoku reordering.

Still a few weeks away from submission, but all is looking well. Digging into new API for the betterment of the Apps as usual. Also, thinking of some new projects TwitPic/URL Shortening-related.


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