Dusted Off DecodeRing

In Apps, Code on December 23, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Hey everybody, hope you’re all having a wonderful Winter.

I decided to bust out the ol’ DecodeRing App, tijo’s worst seller, and see what I could do to improve it with all this wonderful spare time I’ve been given. First thing’s first, I never told anybody this but the DecodeRing App was originally intended to come in two versions, the “simple” one is the one that’s currently out there for sale, and there was going to be a more complicated one where the user gets to pick an encryption key. Both of these versions were implemented but only one saw the light of day, however given all my new knowledge of StoreKit, I’m adding the ability to use an In-App purchase to buy the functionality of the more secure version in the one that’s already out there. In addition, I’ve added a better (shorter) splash in place of the dumb one I had before. I would really like to get this into landscape, but sadly I lack the skillz currently to get all the views to automatically line up correctly when this happens. Here’s a screen of what the new “tough” version will look like.

Additionally, the encoding that this App uses is an extension of the NSString class that I wrote myself. I’ve provided the code for it right here, feel free to take it and play around, or even write a DecodeRing-esque App of your own.

  1. I happen to like this App. I see you posted this Dec. 2009. I downloaded it from App store Feb. 2010. I went to get it for someone else now Oct. 2011 and I couldn’t find it. Started searching around and found this blog. Sorry the App was removed. For my needs on my iPhone it was just what I wanted.

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