App Updates of Recent

In Apps, News on January 5, 2010 at 12:09 am

Hello all,

There is some news in recent tijo Apps. First of all, the latest version (2.0) of Sudoku Helper became available yesterday. It includes a whole slew of new features and updates including:

Access to tijo Sudoku Store for purchasing Packs of Sudokus online

-Access to public Sudokus from @tijosudoku Twitter now built into the App

-Sudoku URLs can now be shortened when copying to clipboard

-Saved Sudokus can now be reordered

-Previously saved Sudokus can be overwritten when saving new ones

-Duplicates are now detected when saving a Sudoku

-Fixed a bunch of dead links

Additionally, the newest and latest version of DecodeRing (1.2) became available today! It includes the new “Tough Mode” whereby the secret messages you encode can have a set encryption key, making it MUCH harder for people (including yourself) to crack.

The third and final update is that what was known as Advice Dogr 1.6 has been rejected yet again due to a few memes that Apple didn’t like in the In-App purchases. The update that I’ve resubmitted in place of 1.6 NOW includes all of the updates to 1.7, making it quite a beefy update but still giving it the version number 1.6. Updates include:

-Added the tijo Meme store for downloading packages of Advice Dog Memes

-Added the Rich Raven variation

-Increased menu scrolling speed

-Ability to make captions up to three lines

-Improved Variation Maker

-Colors are now retained if the color picker is dismissed and reopened

-Spectrum of available colors has been widened with “Other” option in colors

-Added ability to choose Meme caption font

-Added Awesome Advice and Obviously Confused Dog variations

-Turned Rage Guy captions to black to fix visibility

-Fixed dead links

I’m learning to not count my eggs before they hatch with this one.


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