New Ventures for tijo

In Apps, Code, News on February 5, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Hello all,

tijo has been laying dormant since the beginning of the semester, life is turbulent and iPhone coding had to take a lower priority. There are some recent, new, and interesting developments in tijo though!

1. Collaboration with Square Two Productions

Some of my old friends started a video production company some years back named Square Two Productions, and they’re getting quite popular. They’ve been doing really stellar work and are always looking to grow, first in video, then in photo, and now in Apps. The folks from Square Two contacted me just yesterday and asked about perhaps forming some sort of alliance between our two organizations to create video/photo enriched apps (or, rather, app enriched video and photo content.) I’m very excited about this partnership, and while there are no projects as of yet, I know there will be some exciting projects spawned from this in the future.

2. New App in Progress

I’ve begun work on a student utility App for Computer Science-type majors. The App is a full set of reference information on the MIPS assembly language. I was sitting in class thinking of how great something like this might be, and so I decided to start on it. Included (at least initially) will be information on the registers, each of the instructions, and overall syntax, as well as a WONDERFUL instruction-to-hex and vice-a-versa converter. Don’t know how long it’ll be, but it’s in the works.

3. New Addition to TJKit

Man, I hate working with UITableViewControllers over and over and over when all I’m really doing is encapsulating one or a set of plists that I’ve created. So much work for something that could be accomplished much more easily. While working on the new App mentioned above, I came up with the idea to create a full UIViewController that has both UITableViewController functionality within a UINavigationController by doing nothing more than instantiating it and pointing it to a plist or NSDictionary. I haven’t begun on this yet, but isn’t it a good idea? The end product would be the ability to create a simple navigation/table based App from little more than a simple XML property list. I’ll let y’all know when it’s done, but so far I think TJTableNavigationController has got a nice ring to it.

So that’s it! New stuff in the world of tijo.


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