MIPS Ref, TJTableNav…

In Apps, Code on February 16, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Alrighty, got some updates on those last updates.

1. MIPS Reference App

It’s comin’ along! Here’s a screenshot of it running in all its main menu glory.

Should be done in a couple more weeks, just gotta make sure all the address converters are square.

2. TJTableNavigationController

The magical .plist/NSDictionary-to-UITableViewController tool from tijo is finally here! Not only is it here, but the MIPS App is almost completely based upon it. All you basically do is create a TJTableNavigationController, point it at a dictionary and give it a delegate, then push it into a UINavigationController and it does all the tough work for you! As soon as you need to regain control, the customActionKey flag in the dictionary alerts the delegate and you can do what you need again. It’s never been simpler to make a navigation/table based App. You can download it here.


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