Pining for the other App Stores out there

In Apps, Code, News on April 6, 2010 at 9:45 am

Hello everybody,

I know it’s been a while since my last update but things are getting pretty busy this year, just wanted to share a few recent updates and new projects I’m working on.

1. Updates to MIPS Reference and GENTLEMEN.

In a recent (1.1) update to MIPS Reference I added quite a few small features, including the ability to have the device perform both binary division and multiplication while showing all the steps in the new Binary Arithmetic tool, as well as an octal conversion feature in the Base Converter tool. These handly little things will hopefully make the App more appealing and boost the negative feedback I’ve been getting about it. I’m a little confused about said negative feedback because it’s a reference, people have been upset that it doesn’t do enough, but there it is in the title, “Reference.” Anyways, I’d like to start adding features that have to do with the MIPS Datapath and Pipelining, as well as that Hex <-> Instruction converter, but those of those will stretch my brain quite a bit and I haven’t got the time right now.

Also, because of GENTLEMEN’s huge sales, despite not being a very feature-rich app, I’ve decided to add another feature. The GENTLEMEN App, in it’s version 1.1 release, will feature a Meme Store just like the Advice Dogr Meme Store, just think of it as a donation to a starving college student.

2. Palm webOS App Catalog App

I really need a name for this guy, but because of my near obsession with the Palm webOS I’ve started on a new App that showcases the Palm App Catalog from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad now I suppose. I was watching a podcast with two of the lead Palm developers, you see, and I realized (bam!) that the whole webOS App Catalog is publicly available via a simple RSS feed. What I’m doing is taking that ~20MB RSS feed file, compressing it down to ~2MB as it’s downloaded, and wrapping it in an iPhone App Store-esque experience. So far it’s going very veeeeery well, this might be my UIKit masterpiece. It really does look like the App Store, and it’s efficient too. I’ve been testing and the memory warnings are few and far between because I’ve been keeping things really clean. It’s interesting because, apart from the RSS downloading happening in the background once daily, there’s no client-server interaction, I just cache it all on the device making it LIGHTNING fast. I might post some of the tools I’m working on for it, but they’re named TJPalmDatabase, TJAppTableCell, TJCatalogViewController, TJCategoriesViewController, and TJCatalogSearchViewController so far, and they each pretty much do what they’re titled. Here’s a screen cap:

I may even add the SMS-to-purchase feature that Palm has, although I don’t know how accessible that API is.

3. Red-Black Tree App

I recently implemented a Red-Black Tree in C for one of my data structures classes, and for an honors project I was asked to write a visualizer for it. Sooo… I added a whole bunch of #ifdef directives for ObjC and in those directives I added visualizer queues for a Cocoa visualizer. You can download this application here, just don’t press the button in the top left-hand corner cuz it will crash (it was for testing loading a file). Here’s what it looks like:

Now what I’m thinking of doing is changing these directives around for the mobile variant of Cocoa and making an iPhone App out of it. I’m also seeing a nice, landscape iPad version of this sometime in the future.

4. URL Shortener Project

Alright, there’s a lot of URL Shorteners out there, most of them embedded in other apps, but I want to try my hand at the game. I’ve got a name for this in mind already. I haven’t started coding for it yet, but I’ve got some ideas in mind that I think are going to optimize the whole URL-shortening experience and (hopefully) crush the competition. I’m going to take TJURLShortener and write a handy and efficient UI on top of it to create an even handier URL Shortener.

Also, still trying to expand to other platforms but it’s gonna take time. Targets in order of interest are webOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 Series Phone Series 7 Series (now without the “Series”).

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