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Hello tijo Faithful,

For the past few months progress here at tijo has been minimal because of other work getting in the way. I started a project early in the Summer with the goal of fusing together the numerous location-based social networks out there such as foursquare, Brightkite, and Gowalla. As a subscriber and avid user of some of these networks, I’ve always found it an annoyance to open-checkin-close multiple times for each social network, so I added this one, consistent UI that allows a user to check into the same venue across multiple networks from the comfort of a single App.

Under the hood I’ve tried to take a lot of care to ensure that this is highly expandable in the future. More networks and features will be added in upcoming releases, including a 1.1 release I’m planning for a month or so from the initial acceptance of the App into the App Store. Additionally, I’m slowly rolling out iOS 4 and Retina Display-friendlier versions of my older Apps.

Hope it’s been a wonderful Summer,


  1. Hey, im all for more stability, and that alone peaks my interest. However the first grumble i hav with the foursquare app is that it shows rhe list of plausible venues in a list rather than on a map. Reason being that my other grumble is it, practically without exception, overlooks the venue you might actually be standing in. Its kind o anti social to be fidgeting with ones phone just as soon as you arrive somewhere, and this “trending now” prioritized list doesnt help. I understand gowalla is more gps accurate, but nonetheless selecting from a map is often a faster way to sift through where you are than having to properly spell a veenue that you might be visiting for the first time. Your real competition imo is this picplz app thats been coasting this week. Unless it rings true to you that posting pix is the preferred way to sign in, a lot of people are going to equate its 4 stars with stability, especially if thats the first obvious weakness of the foursquare app and that otherone ive already deleted that you mention in comparison.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I agree that showing trending topics is a bit frustrating but I though I might be alone in that, I’ll start work on pushing those venues down the list a bit, it’s a little strange because they’re foursquare-only and I don’t want to completely ignore them. I’m also planning on adding maps to future versions when the device is rotated to landscape, this will probably be in version 1.2 or 1.3, 1.1 is in review right now and I’m nearing completion of 1.2. Every release will add a lot of features.

  2. Howdy, I’m having issues beig able to sign into Gowall
    through ✓In. Whenever I hit “Allow”, it kicks me to out to your
    blog and then all I’m left with is the “Cancel” button. Ive tried
    copying & pasting the “Allow” link into Mobile Safari, with
    no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Howdy! Thanks for trying to solve the multi checkin
    platform issue with, really, only App Store app that can do it.
    However, it seems that ✓In is having issues logging into Gowalla
    (if you hit “Allow” it will only redirect back to the blog, and
    won’t proceed from there. Is there a ix for this or should I wait
    unil the new version is released? Thanks! Jason

  4. Just bought this and every time I try to log in to my
    Gowalla account it takes me here to you mobile blog site.
    Foursquare logged in fine. Is there a bug in the app?

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