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wootvetica Updates

In Apps, News on September 24, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Woohoo, wootvetica just passed the 1000 downloads mark! Exactly 1001 as of this morning. Took long enough 🙂

The App is currently the fifth result when searching for “woot” on the App Store and it’s gotten a 4.5/5 rating. All good things.


I also released wootvetica 1.1 on the 21st, and it’s gotten around 500 downloads so far which pleases me. 1.1 adds

  • Sharing features
  • The ability to see the discussion links for various products
  • Better parsing of product descriptions (particularly with embedded images)
  • A custom image viewer to provide an in-depth look at products.

I’ve got a slew of features lined up for 1.2 which I’m slowly working on implementing. I’m going to be adding some sort of deferred reminders so that the App doesn’t always bother you late at night, I’ll be switching from OHAttributedLabel to TTTAttributed label, and I’ll be changing the name from wootbetica to Wootie. Push notifications are still in the works for a future release.


Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see added or changed!



In Apps, Code, Hobby on September 15, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I’ve started getting into typography lately, and while I am still a novice I decided to start building an App showcasing the beauty of fonts. The App is named FaceType, a play on words of both the FaceTime product and the word Typeface. It’s open source, available here on github.

It’s iPad- and portrait-only right now because that’s sort of the way I envisioned it, though I’ve added some hooks in the code to fix that (switching both off doesn’t completely kill the experience right now).

I’ve also started downloading a whole bunch of fonts, mostly from dafont.com, to put in the App. I may add the program I’m using to do that as well in time.

Check it out! It’s pretty. Don’t know if it’s App Store bound or not.

Introducing wootvetica

In Apps on September 3, 2011 at 9:12 am

I’m growing increasingly tired of the time it takes to perform small tasks in Apps on the iOS. CheckIn originally embodied this by making it so you could check in on multiple social networks from one App in seconds flat. NGadget was no slouch here, prefetching content and laying it out to avoid user click (*cough* tap)-throughs left and right as well as caching like crazy. I’m taking the Windows Phone “glance and go” point of view on in future tijo Apps, things should be lightning fast and actively work on behalf of Joe User. I’m launching an App with this in mind today.

Introducing wootvetica, a Woot client with style

The App takes the chromeless styling from NGadget and applies it to daily Woot deals. It targets a few things I hate about other Woot apps.

1. Tabs Tabs Tabs

A lot of Woot Apps silo each Woot channel into a tab, upon launch users have to switch from tab to tab to tab refreshing at each. Upon launching wootvetica all the current deals are shown in the form of tiles complete with image, title, price, shipping and handling, and whether or not the item is sold out. There’s no tab switching and refreshing of individual tabs to see what the deals are, they’re all in one place so you don’t have to tap around. Deals are cached between sessions for offline viewing, and the descriptions of items are displayed with OHAttributedLabels in lieu of UIWebViews so there’s no additional pain there.

2. Forgot to check Woot, missed a deal

Woot deals (usually) turn around at the same time, midnight central time. Trouble is, I usually forget to check Woot for several hours or miss it for several days. I’ve missed deals I would’ve gladly cashed in on because they’ve sold out or I simply waited more than 24 hours to check.

Wootvetica currently takes advantage of the wonderfully low-tech local notification to simply remind users of new Woot deals. Because these are timed notifications this means that I don’t currently support Woot-Off notifications and I’m still unable to show whole product titles in notifications.

In the future I’ll be adding Push Notifications via Parse, and users will be able to be notified of Woot-Offs or new products without even having to open the app. You can turn all notifications off in the settings, naturally.

You can download it for free right here.

CheckIn Woes

In Apps, News on January 7, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Hello all, working in getting a fix in for this CheckIn-Gowalla fiasco. Very sorry I didn’t recognize it sooner! Should have the update submitted by tomorrow, hopefully approved in a week.


Update: The fix is complete, submitted, and approved (Has been for a while). Gowalla is Go.

Palm Catalog

In Apps, News on April 28, 2010 at 12:13 pm

I’ve finally finished the Palm Catalog App for browsing the Palm App Catalog on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I’m very happy with the publicity I’m getting so far for it, can’t wait to see how it fares! I’ve been working like mad on a 1.0.1 and a 1.1 update for the App, each of which will make it load much faster than it currently does and add some handy UI and organization improvements as well. I’m working on a video to post, in the meantime here are some screenshots!

The Precentral story’s been posted to Digg, Digg it up here.

P.S. – All proceeds (though it’s free for now) will go to me getting a Palm Pre

Pining for the other App Stores out there

In Apps, Code, News on April 6, 2010 at 9:45 am

Hello everybody,

I know it’s been a while since my last update but things are getting pretty busy this year, just wanted to share a few recent updates and new projects I’m working on.

1. Updates to MIPS Reference and GENTLEMEN.

In a recent (1.1) update to MIPS Reference I added quite a few small features, including the ability to have the device perform both binary division and multiplication while showing all the steps in the new Binary Arithmetic tool, as well as an octal conversion feature in the Base Converter tool. These handly little things will hopefully make the App more appealing and boost the negative feedback I’ve been getting about it. I’m a little confused about said negative feedback because it’s a reference, people have been upset that it doesn’t do enough, but there it is in the title, “Reference.” Anyways, I’d like to start adding features that have to do with the MIPS Datapath and Pipelining, as well as that Hex <-> Instruction converter, but those of those will stretch my brain quite a bit and I haven’t got the time right now.

Also, because of GENTLEMEN’s huge sales, despite not being a very feature-rich app, I’ve decided to add another feature. The GENTLEMEN App, in it’s version 1.1 release, will feature a Meme Store just like the Advice Dogr Meme Store, just think of it as a donation to a starving college student.

2. Palm webOS App Catalog App

I really need a name for this guy, but because of my near obsession with the Palm webOS I’ve started on a new App that showcases the Palm App Catalog from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad now I suppose. I was watching a podcast with two of the lead Palm developers, you see, and I realized (bam!) that the whole webOS App Catalog is publicly available via a simple RSS feed. What I’m doing is taking that ~20MB RSS feed file, compressing it down to ~2MB as it’s downloaded, and wrapping it in an iPhone App Store-esque experience. So far it’s going very veeeeery well, this might be my UIKit masterpiece. It really does look like the App Store, and it’s efficient too. I’ve been testing and the memory warnings are few and far between because I’ve been keeping things really clean. It’s interesting because, apart from the RSS downloading happening in the background once daily, there’s no client-server interaction, I just cache it all on the device making it LIGHTNING fast. I might post some of the tools I’m working on for it, but they’re named TJPalmDatabase, TJAppTableCell, TJCatalogViewController, TJCategoriesViewController, and TJCatalogSearchViewController so far, and they each pretty much do what they’re titled. Here’s a screen cap:

I may even add the SMS-to-purchase feature that Palm has, although I don’t know how accessible that API is.

3. Red-Black Tree App

I recently implemented a Red-Black Tree in C for one of my data structures classes, and for an honors project I was asked to write a visualizer for it. Sooo… I added a whole bunch of #ifdef directives for ObjC and in those directives I added visualizer queues for a Cocoa visualizer. You can download this application here, just don’t press the button in the top left-hand corner cuz it will crash (it was for testing loading a file). Here’s what it looks like:

Now what I’m thinking of doing is changing these directives around for the mobile variant of Cocoa and making an iPhone App out of it. I’m also seeing a nice, landscape iPad version of this sometime in the future.

4. URL Shortener Project

Alright, there’s a lot of URL Shorteners out there, most of them embedded in other apps, but I want to try my hand at the game. I’ve got a name for this in mind already. I haven’t started coding for it yet, but I’ve got some ideas in mind that I think are going to optimize the whole URL-shortening experience and (hopefully) crush the competition. I’m going to take TJURLShortener and write a handy and efficient UI on top of it to create an even handier URL Shortener.

Also, still trying to expand to other platforms but it’s gonna take time. Targets in order of interest are webOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 Series Phone Series 7 Series (now without the “Series”).

MIPS Ref, TJTableNav…

In Apps, Code on February 16, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Alrighty, got some updates on those last updates.

1. MIPS Reference App

It’s comin’ along! Here’s a screenshot of it running in all its main menu glory.

Should be done in a couple more weeks, just gotta make sure all the address converters are square.

2. TJTableNavigationController

The magical .plist/NSDictionary-to-UITableViewController tool from tijo is finally here! Not only is it here, but the MIPS App is almost completely based upon it. All you basically do is create a TJTableNavigationController, point it at a dictionary and give it a delegate, then push it into a UINavigationController and it does all the tough work for you! As soon as you need to regain control, the customActionKey flag in the dictionary alerts the delegate and you can do what you need again. It’s never been simpler to make a navigation/table based App. You can download it here.

New Ventures for tijo

In Apps, Code, News on February 5, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Hello all,

tijo has been laying dormant since the beginning of the semester, life is turbulent and iPhone coding had to take a lower priority. There are some recent, new, and interesting developments in tijo though!

1. Collaboration with Square Two Productions

Some of my old friends started a video production company some years back named Square Two Productions, and they’re getting quite popular. They’ve been doing really stellar work and are always looking to grow, first in video, then in photo, and now in Apps. The folks from Square Two contacted me just yesterday and asked about perhaps forming some sort of alliance between our two organizations to create video/photo enriched apps (or, rather, app enriched video and photo content.) I’m very excited about this partnership, and while there are no projects as of yet, I know there will be some exciting projects spawned from this in the future.

2. New App in Progress

I’ve begun work on a student utility App for Computer Science-type majors. The App is a full set of reference information on the MIPS assembly language. I was sitting in class thinking of how great something like this might be, and so I decided to start on it. Included (at least initially) will be information on the registers, each of the instructions, and overall syntax, as well as a WONDERFUL instruction-to-hex and vice-a-versa converter. Don’t know how long it’ll be, but it’s in the works.

3. New Addition to TJKit

Man, I hate working with UITableViewControllers over and over and over when all I’m really doing is encapsulating one or a set of plists that I’ve created. So much work for something that could be accomplished much more easily. While working on the new App mentioned above, I came up with the idea to create a full UIViewController that has both UITableViewController functionality within a UINavigationController by doing nothing more than instantiating it and pointing it to a plist or NSDictionary. I haven’t begun on this yet, but isn’t it a good idea? The end product would be the ability to create a simple navigation/table based App from little more than a simple XML property list. I’ll let y’all know when it’s done, but so far I think TJTableNavigationController has got a nice ring to it.

So that’s it! New stuff in the world of tijo.


In Apps on January 21, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hey gang, I noticed a few days ago that there appear to be some big ol’ problems with Sudoku Helper. It seems bit.ly got wise and started rejecting the “sudokuhelper://” URL scheme, so basically anybody who tries to shorten their URL gets a nice friendly App crash. I’m working to fix this pronto!! This also affects the App’s feed to Sudokus from tijo because I (intelligently) made it so that relied on the bit.ly shortened URLs. Darn it.

How I’m fixing this in the next iteration.

-Sudoku Helper will have its own URL shortener, not as short as the j.mp ones, but about half the size of the original URL. This should do pretty well.

-Obviously, fixing the tijo Sudoku twitter feed to support my own URLs

Peace n Love,


App Updates of Recent

In Apps, News on January 5, 2010 at 12:09 am

Hello all,

There is some news in recent tijo Apps. First of all, the latest version (2.0) of Sudoku Helper became available yesterday. It includes a whole slew of new features and updates including:

Access to tijo Sudoku Store for purchasing Packs of Sudokus online

-Access to public Sudokus from @tijosudoku Twitter now built into the App

-Sudoku URLs can now be shortened when copying to clipboard

-Saved Sudokus can now be reordered

-Previously saved Sudokus can be overwritten when saving new ones

-Duplicates are now detected when saving a Sudoku

-Fixed a bunch of dead links

Additionally, the newest and latest version of DecodeRing (1.2) became available today! It includes the new “Tough Mode” whereby the secret messages you encode can have a set encryption key, making it MUCH harder for people (including yourself) to crack.

The third and final update is that what was known as Advice Dogr 1.6 has been rejected yet again due to a few memes that Apple didn’t like in the In-App purchases. The update that I’ve resubmitted in place of 1.6 NOW includes all of the updates to 1.7, making it quite a beefy update but still giving it the version number 1.6. Updates include:

-Added the tijo Meme store for downloading packages of Advice Dog Memes

-Added the Rich Raven variation

-Increased menu scrolling speed

-Ability to make captions up to three lines

-Improved Variation Maker

-Colors are now retained if the color picker is dismissed and reopened

-Spectrum of available colors has been widened with “Other” option in colors

-Added ability to choose Meme caption font

-Added Awesome Advice and Obviously Confused Dog variations

-Turned Rage Guy captions to black to fix visibility

-Fixed dead links

I’m learning to not count my eggs before they hatch with this one.